MERC Process Mercury Analyzer

The mercury analyzer is designed for continuous measurements of the mass concentration of mercury vapor in natural and process gases.

MERC Brochure


  • Atomic absorption principle of measurement;
  • Explosion proof.


  • On transportation and gas processing facilities;
  • At gas delivery points for export;
  • Gas control for liquefaction in LNG production plants.

Key benefits

  • No need for complex sample preparation;
  • High selectivity and measurement accuracy;
  • Wide range of measurements;
  • Low detection limit;
  • Fully automatic operation;
  • High speed analysis;
  • Calibration stability;
  • No additional gases for sampling.
382 mm
650 mm

Advantage: Determination of atomic mercury by atomic absorption

Metrological perfomance

Measurement range 1 – 20000 ng/m3
10 – 120000 ng/m3
Maximum allowed uncertainty ± (0,3/С+0,2)х100
± (2,0/С+0,2)х100



Determined component elementary mercury
Number of streams 1
Operation mode automatic
Explosion protection 1 Ex d IIB + HT6 Gb
IP rating IP 66
Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption up to 190 W (during heating)
Heating time up to 60 min
Data transfer interfaces RS232/RS485, Ethernet, 4-20 mА
Sampled gas consumption 4 ml/min
Software built-in and external
Ambient temperature from +10 to +35°С 
Weight  not mote than 70 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 382х485х650 mm