Stationary process gas analyzer HygroScan-S

HygroScan-S gas analyzer is a reliable and precise stationary process hygrometer with a broad range of extra options.

HygroScan Brochure


  • Continuous and intermittent (to spare analyzed gas) operation modes with integrated electromechanical valves;
  • Analysis on up to two streams in alternate mode;
  • Measurement results are stored in the instrument memory;
  • Measurement results are displayed in selected units, as well as analyzer status;
  • Broad operation temperature range: from -40 to +50°С due to thermostat control of the sensor;
  • Low cost of purchase, ownership and maintenance
200 mm
355 mm

No calibration between verifications, no additional gas feed.

Metrological characteristics

Dew point measurement range -70 … +20°С
Permitted absolute measurement error limits for dew point measurement ±1°С in the WDP range -30… +20°С
±2°С in the WDP range -70… -30°С
Moisture content measurement range 2 … 17 000 mg/m3

Technical characteristics

Operating principle Sorption capacity
Number of streams up to 2, working in alternate manner
Operation mode automatic continuous/intermittent
Analyzed media gaseous (natural gas, multicomponent gas mixtures)
Analyzed gas pressure up to 25 MPa
Analyzed gas flow rate, nl/min 0,5-5,0
Time of analyses from 30 sec (purge time not included)
Analyzer verification interval 1 year
Explosion protection 1 Ех d IIC Т6 Gb
IP rating IP66
Power consumption, no more than, W 65
Power supply, V 220
Data transfer interfaces RS 232/485, Ethernet, 4-20mА, GSM/GPRS
Analysis archives and events log storage up to 35 days, in analyzer memory
Ambient temperature, °С -40 … +50°С
Dimensions, LxWxH, mm 200х370х355
Weight, kg, no more than 25
Service life, years no less than 10