AnOd stationary analyzer

AnOd gas analyzer is a simple and reliable solution to measure odorant concentration in natural gas. Odor intensity is calculated proportionate to mercaptan concentration.

AnOd Brochure


  • Hydrogen sulfide is separated by chromatography, and combined mercaptans are subsequently measured;
  • Automatic calibration with an integrated ethyl mercaptan microstream source;
  • Sample conditioning system is not required;
  • Data is stored in device memory, it may be transmitted to external devices via various interfaces;
  • Integrated software and power supply;
  • Broad range of operation temperatures.


The analyzer may be used to monitor the operation of odorization plants in gas distribution station (GDS) and to measure the degree of natural gas odorization in different points in the gas distribution network.

435 mm
425 mm

Application: it may be used to control odorization units operation in gas distribution stations

Metrological Characteristics

Operating principle Electrochemical
Measurement range, mg/m3 0-100 for mercaptans
Readings range, mg/m3 0-50 for mercaptan sulfur
Permissible basic error limits, %
In the range 0-10 mg/m3 , fiducial ± 20  
In the range 10-100 mg/m3 , relative ± 20  
Analytical cycle duration, minutes 5 and up


Operating principle Electrochemical
Number of streams 1
Analyzed media gaseous
Analyzed gas pressure regulator mechanical, inbuilt
Operation mode automatic
Explosion protection 1 Еx d IIC T6 Gb
IP rating IP66
Power consumption, not more, W 90 (warm-up), 30 (operation)
Power supply, V 220 V, 50 Hz
Warm-up time, minutes up to 60
Data transfer interfaces RS232/RS485, Ethernet, 4-20 mА, GSM / GPRS
Analytical cycle intermittent, 5 minutes and up
Calibration automatic, with an integrated microstream source
Analyzed gas pressure, MPa 0,2-1,2
Analyzed gas flow rate, ml/min 50-150
Software integrated and external
Ambient temperature, °С from +5 (-40*) to +50
Weight, no more than, kg 39
Dimensions, mm (LxWxH) 435х275х425

*When using the heated gas inlet, for stationary analyzer only