Analytical complex for quality control of LNG

Process analysis of the component composition and physical and chemical parameters of commercial LNG and tank return gas, as well as stream monitoring of the composition of technological media in the LNG production process.

Analytical Solutions_Brochure


  • Representative sampling of LNG using an online sampling device;
  • Online LNG composition analysis according to ISO 6974 with further physical and chemical parameters calculation as prescribed by ISO 6976;
  • Online or laboratory analysis of mass content of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan sulfur in LNG according to ISO 19739;
  • Online stripping gas composition analysis with further physical and chemical parameters calculation as prescribed by ISO 6976;
  • Measuring oxygen content in LNG and in stripping gas continuously online and/or with a portable oxygen analyzer in a laboratory or at the facility in intermittent mode.


  • Online sampling device for LNG sampling and degassing;
  • MAG process gas chromatographs for the following online analyses:
    • LNG composition analysis according to ISO 6974;
    • Stripping gas analysis;
    • Mass content of sulfur compounds in LNG according to ASTM D 7493, ISO 19739 online, or with portable chromatograph S-Chrome;
  • AnOx gas analyzer for LNG oxygen analysis according to ASTM D 7607-11 online, or with portable oxygen analyzer.


  • Automatic online LNG composition and physical and chemical properties analysis, with representative sample retrieval;
  • Single manufacturer for all measuring equipment within the complex;
  • Quality Certificates for LNG delivered to customers can be issued in continuous mode according to GOST R 56021-2014;
  • LNG composition monitoring, stripping gas composition monitoring and process streams monitoring during LNG production to determine process mass balance.