Process Analytical System for Pyrolysis Products Analysis

The automated process analytical system based on gas chromatography is designed for online measurement and control of pyrolysis process.

The list is not exhaustive:

  • Permanent gases: H2, N2, O2, CO, CO2;
  • Inorganic compounds: H2O, H2S;
  • Saturated hydrocarbons (methane, ethane, propane, butanes, etc. up to n-decane);
  • Unsaturated hydrocarbons (ethylene, propylene, butylenes).

Pyrolysis Products Analysis


Calculation parameters

  • Upper and lower calorific value (molar, mass, volume);
  • Molar mass;
  • Absolute and relative density;
  • Upper and lower Wobbe index;
  • Compressibility factor;
  • Methane number;
  • Water dew point temperature.


  • MAG chromatograph, including:
    • Gas composition measurement package, with 3 chromatograph analytical channels and an electrochemical oxygen sensor;
    • Liquid sample analysis package (manual) with 1 chromatograph analytical channel with evaporator (optional);
  • Gas feed package, with carrier gas and calibration gas mixture cylinders;
  • Sampling and secondary sample conditioning system;
  • Stream switching and primary sample conditioning unit (optional).


  • All the packages within the complex are installed in a non-explosion-proof cabinet;
  • Flexible structure built with analytical modules of MAG chromatograph;
  • Online analysis of pyrolysis gas and physical and chemical parameters calculation, including calorific value, Wobbe index, WDP and methane number;
  • Liquids analysis (optional);
  • Automatic operation, with manual sample input option;
  • Automatic analysis of up to 8 gas flows from various reactors;
  • Operational control with a touchscreen LCD;
  • Remote access to measurement results and complex settings through interface;
  • Chromatograph is delivered with preinstalled Analiz.NET software, which facilitates operation.


Due to automatic measurement of pyrolysis gas physical and chemical properties it is possible to:

  • Optimize pyrolysis plant operation, reactor operation modes and other parameters of pyrolysis process;
  • Prevent gas with non-compliant composition from entering the generator;
  • Mix gas streams from different reactors to obtain a mixture with optimal physical and chemical properties;
  • Increase pyrolysis plant efficiency.