HygroScan moisture gas analyzer

HygroScan process gas analyzers are explosion-proof and their purpose is to automatically determine water vapor content and further calculate water dew point (WDP) in gaseous media, including natural gas according to ISO 18453, ISO 6327.

Structural features

  1. Analyzer operating principle: sorption capacity;
  2. WDP is calculated for gas operating pressure and may be recalculated based on required pressure value, due to integrated analyzed gas pressure sensor;
  3. Measurements are done at sample operating pressure up to 25 MPa;
  4. All analyzer models are explosion-proof.


  • Natural fuel gas including gas prepared for transport through underwater gas lines;
  • Impulse, fuel and starting gas in compressor stations;
  • Natural gas prepared for liquefaction, dehydration plants operation control within LNG production;
  • Natural compressed fuel gas for internal combustion engine at automatic gas filler.

HygroScan analyzers are based on sorption capacity principle with high measuring sensitivity in the range from -100°С WDP or 0.01 ppm.

Easy to operate and to maintain. Continuous measurement with short response time
No cross-sensitivity to hydrocarbon dew point temperature
Measurements are done at sample operating pressure up to 25 MPa
No calibration between verifications, no additional gas feed