Gas quality control unit

Gas Quality Control Unit (QCU) is designed for accommodation and installation of instrumentation in the hazardous area to determine gas parameters (component composition, physical and chemical parameters (PCP)). Overall dimensions of the standard QCU are 4,2x2,2x3 m. Depending on the composition and the number of installed equipment, the weight and dimensions characteristics of the QCU can be changed by agreement with the customer.

The automatic control system (ACS) of the QCU is designed to collect and transmit to the upper level information on gas PCP, as well as to control the equipment of the life support system and emergency shutdown system (ESD) of the QCU.

Design Variants

  • ACS QCU cabinets are accommodated in a heated process control room in an explosion-proof area. The number and dimensions of cabinets depend on the composition of the QCU equipment and are determined at the design stage.
  • ACS QCU in explosion-proof design is accommodated in the QCU room. This configuration allows you to:
    • Significantly reduce the amount of cabling
    • Removes the requirement for operator premises.

The data of the analysis of the component composition and the calculation of the qualitative characteristics of the gas are transmitted to the control room via a digital communication channel, data on the state of the equipment in the block container is transmitted in the form of discrete signals.

Composition of the complex

  • instrument container block with equipment of the PCP gas analysis system installed therein;
  • life support systems;
  • explosion and fire safety systems;
  • heating system;
  • air conditioning system;
  • lighting system;
  • gas control system;
  • system of general exchange and emergency ventilation;
  • security and fire alarm system;
  • automatic control system (ACS).


As part of the QCU, analytical equipment is used that was developed and manufactured by BACS LLC ͋:

  • Chromatograph MAG - for measuring component composition according to GOST 31371.7-2008 and ISO 6974 and calculating values of calorific value, relative and absolute density, compressibility factor and the Wobbe number in accordance with GOST 31369-2008 and ISO 6976;
  • Chromatograph MAG-S - to determine the mass concentration of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans in accordance with GOST R53367-2009, ASTM D7493 and ISO 19739;
  • Oxygen Analyzer AnOx - measurement of the oxygen volume fraction in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 56834, STO Gazprom 089-2010 and ASTM D 7607-11;
  • Moisture Analyzer HygroScan - measurement of the mass moisture concentration and water dew point temperature at operating pressure in accordance with GOST 20060-83 and GOST R 53763-2009.

͋ The list of equipment for the analysis of the gas PCP is agreed with the customer at the project definition phase.

Technical characteristics

  • modern manufacturing and welding technologies ensure long-term structural resistance to external influences;
  • container block passed field tests in the seismic center and certified for use in earthquake-prone areas up to 9 points measured on the MSK-64 scale;
  • container block is equipped with easy detachable emergency manholes, which are a mean of protecting the structure from excessive pressure inside the container block in the event of an explosion.


  • all equipment included in the container block is explosion-proof and has certificates of conformity for use in the hazardous area. QCU is certified by the certification center of explosion-proof electrical equipment for compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 012/2011;
  • conclusion of FGBU VNIIPO EMERCOM of Russia on the compliance of the QCU design with the requirements for buildings of the II degree of fire resistance;
  • all materials used for interior and exterior finishing meet the hygienic and fire safety standards of the Russian Federation, as well as European standards DIN 4102, DIN 4108, ONORM B.