Gas flow measurement unit (GFMU)

Gas flow metering unit (GFMU) is designed for commercial and production (utility) flow measure of natural or free oil gas consumption. GFMU provides measurement and recording of volume flow and gas volume, reduced to standard conditions, as well as determination of its quality indicators, including component composition, density, calorific value, the Wobbe number, water and hydrocarbons dew point temperature.

The composition of the measuring equipment is determined by the GFMU category depending on the flow amount and the GFMU class depending on the purpose.

Composition of the complex

  • Gas purification unit (optional). Designed to purify the incoming gas from mechanical impurities and condensate (optional);
  • Meter run unit (MRU) (optional). Composition: inlet and outlet manifolds, measuring pipelines with gas flow transducers, stop valves and flow regulators.
  • Measuring system. Composition: flow transmitter, pressure drop (optional), temperature; flow calculators (main and redundant); chromatographs; oxygen analyzer; water and hydrocarbons dew point analyzers; information processing unit; GFMU engineer’s workstation.
  • Condensate collection system (optional);
  • Power supply system;
  • Fire and gas alarm system and gas hazard monitoring;
  • Shelters with heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC);
  • Automatic Control System (ACS GFMU);
  • Communication system and telemechanics.

Design variants

  • Packaging arrangement;
  • FGMU package arrangement in a single building;
  • Cabinet equipment layout on the territory of GFMU.

Complex functions

  • Gas preparation - cleaning from mechanical impurities and condensate (optional);
  • Automatic determination of the flow rate and amount of natural gas reduced to standard conditions;
  • Automatic measurement of gas composition and calculation of gas calorific value and absolute density under normal conditions with the transfer of data to the flow calculators;
  • Automatic measurement of water and hydrocarbons dew point temperature;
  • Monitoring the content of oxygen in gas;
  • Monitoring the content of the sulfur-containing compounds in gas;
  • Transfer of gas flow report to the upper-level control system and physico-chemical parameters of gas;
  • Remote control of valves and control valves, automatic control of process equipment;
  • Automatic or remote IT switching depending on the current gas flow rate;
  • Ensuring operation of emergency shutdown systems (ESD);
  • Ensuring safe operation of the FGMU equipment;
  • Automatic self-diagnosis of a hardware components set;
  • Visual display of information on the values of the measured parameters, the state of the MS and the process equipment on the operational panel or monitor of the engineer’s workplace.

Technical characteristics

  • FGMU process equipment and measuring pipelines are supplied in the form of prefabricated units on frames (skids).
  • An individual gas flow measurement method is developed and certified for each FGMU.
  • Use of certified domestic and foreign measuring instruments.
  • Preference is given to ultrasonic flow transducers (UFT), which have several advantages over orifices.



Complete integrated package of the GFMU is certified for compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union - TR TS 010/2011 “On Safety of Machines and Mechanisms”, TR TS 012 “On Safety of Equipment for Operation in Explosive Hazards”, TR TS 032 “On Safety of Equipment Operating under Excessive Pressure".