AnOx oxygen gas analyzer

Process Oxygen Analyzers AnOx are intended for oxygen volume ratio measurement in gas fluid, including in natural gas and data transfer to external devices. Adjustment of the analysis conditions, data collection, data processing, processing and storage of the results of the performed analyzes are carried out using the embedded software.
The operation principle is based on the determination of oxygen in natural gas using an electrochemical detector (ECD). Depending on the type of oxygen sensor installed, the measurement ranges can vary from 0-500 ppm to 0-100% by volume.


  • At gas processing plants;
  • On objects of transportation and distribution of natural gas;
  • Control of exported gas;
  • To prevent abnormal situations in the event of a significant concentration of oxygen in natural gas;
  • In custody systems in the distribution of state metrological control and supervision,
    including for quality control of natural gas in accordance with the requirements of ASTM D 7607-11 and European standard EN 16726:2015
Fast response and high accuracy
Wide detection range (from ppm level to 100%)
Easy installation and operation
Easy maintenance with low service cost