AnOd odorant gas analyzer

Explosion-proof process analyzer is made to measure mass content of mercaptans based on ethyl mercaptan concentration in gaseous media, including natural gas, with further calculation and scoring odor intensity and data transmission to external devices. Odor intensity is calculated proportionate to mercaptan concentration.

Analyzer may be used in gas metering systems, within state metrological control and supervision distribution, including for natural gas quality control.

Its principle of operation is based on determination of mercaptan medium concentration in natural gas using electrochemical detector (ECD)  and separating the interfering component, which is hydrogen sulfide.


  • Reduce costs of sampling for gas distribution plant (GDP) and odorant content analysis in laboratory;
  • Reduce the amount of gas-related emergency calls from population;
  • Sustainable odorant use (by registering initial mercaptan concentration before odorization and odorant losses when gas is transported through pipelines);
  • Emergency prevention by increasing the general consumer gas use safety level.
Short duration of analysis: starting from 5 minutes
ECD is selective to sulfur compounds
Additional gas feed not required
Automatic calibration