Biogas and biomethane analysis

Nowadays the issue of abatement the impact of human activity on the ecological situation is especially relevant. Using biomethane is one of the possible ways to reduce the negative influence on the environment.

Requirements for the analyzed components:

  • EN 16723-1:2016 (for biomethane supplied to the gas transmission network);
  • EN 16723-2:2017 (for biomethane used as automobile fuel);
  • EN 16726:2015, ISO 6976:2016 (for calculation of calorific values, relative and absolute density, compressibility factor and Wobbe index).

BACS LLC solution for biogas and biomethane analysis

The complex based on the MAG process gas chromatograph for:

      • monitoring the complete composition of biomethane, including fiscal metering in accordance with OIML R 140:2007 and technological quality control;
      • monitoring the operation of mixing units of biomethane and natural gas

The measuring system consists of up to 5 analytical channels, including:

      • Thermal conductivity detector (TCD);
      • Electrochemical detector (ECD) for H2S;
      • O2-sensor;
      • Sorption-capacitive sensor for H2O.

Analysis time: up to 5 minutes


    • The analyzer has a modular construction, you can add or exclude measurements in accordance with analysis requirements.
    • 12” LCD touch screen with user-friendly interface
    • Compliance with international standards, availability of
      • IECEx CCVE explosion-proof certificate;
      • ATEX explosion-proof certificate;
      • OIML R 140:2007 certificate
    • Convenient Web interface:
          • Cloud-based storage of analysis reports and trends;
          • Secure web-authorization;
          • Multiple users, multi-level access;
          • XML-based remote data storage;
          • Accessible from any mobile device.