Block container is a modular building, consisting of a steel frame and insulated walls, floor, ceiling. Metal sandwich panels with insulation made of basalt fibers of 100 mm thickness are used for wall and ceiling structures. The panels have a polymeric powder coating, resistant to ambient temperature up to -60 ° C. Roof lean-boxing with visors are provided for protection of outdoor equipment against rain. Ventilated cavity between the roof panel and the roof coveringto is provided in order to reduce air heating of equipment inside the container from sunlight.

  • Technological block-boxes
  • Block-boxes for equipment
  • Operator’s block boxes
  • Shelters for instruments

Block-boxes technological

Construction of block-boxes complies with standards for explosion proof buildings of category A for operation in hazardous areas and includes:

  • hatch to protect the premises against overpressure in case of explosion;
  • flooring made of special anti-static rubber;
  • antifriction intrinsic safety of structural elements;
  • special “Antipanic” locks to facilitate the possibility of leaving the premises in emergency cases;
  • liquid tight fittings for gas and electric lines;
  • the device is equipped with a continuous ventilation with the natural impulse and emergency forced ventilation;
  • automatic gas detection devices with optical and audible alarm.

Instrumental block-boxes

All the equipment of block-container is made in explosion-proof performance.

Operator’s block-boxes

Block container includes automatic temperature control system and equipped with electric heaters and air conditioners, which supports the air temperature inside the block container at 20 ± 5 ° C.