Oxygen analyzer AnOx

AnOx is a modern gas analyzer developed by BACS and intended to measure the oxygen concentration in gas phases including natural gas.

  • Could be used on objects of storage and transportation of natural gas
  • gas refinery plants
  • chemical refinary and gas industry enterprises
  • export gas control
  • to prevent abnormal situations in the event of a significant concentration of oxygen in natural gas


On-line oxygen analysis of oxygen content in the natural gas according to the requirements ASTM D 7607-11. An electrochemical method for determining the concentration of oxygen in a gas allows to determine the content by volume of oxygen in a wide range from 0.1 ppm to 10,000 ppm. Battery life provided by a built-in microcontroller allows the operator to carry out a predetermined sequence of operations in the offline mode, and then transfer the obtained values to the operator or automated control system (ACS), display the current parameters analysis on the internal LCD, to make an independent instrument diagnostics.


  • Completely automatic operation
  • High sensitivity
  • Continous analysis
  • Low operation and service cost
  • Easy installation
  • Compact size
  • High operating reliability


Analyzed component


Operating principle


The measuring range and the absolute error

0-200 ppm

±(1.5 + 0.05·concentration) ppm

0-2000 ppm

±(5 + 0.08·concentration) ppm

0-10000 ppm

±(100 + 0.06·concentration) ppm


±(0.5 + 0.03·concentration) %


automated by calibration gas

Period of analysis, min

1 – 2