Process odorant meter AnOd

Process explosion proof odorimeter should be installed on existing and new gas distribution stations and units after odorization station. The most promising is installation of odorimeter in automated gas distribution stations and points, based on principles of fully automated technologies. Odorantmeter perfectly suits the principals of automation as it is able to control the functioning of odorization station based on measured concentration of odorant inside the pipe.

  • Control of ammount of odorant in natural gas and odorization unit functioning


On-line measurement of mass concentration of mercaptains with calculation of concentration of mercaptan sulfur in natural gas


Automatic operation

AnOd is operating without operator presence during verification period without requiring maintenance, adjustment, calibration mixtures or other gases. You don’t need a permanent connection to the PC. All operations are performed by integrated microcomputer.

Automatic calibration

The stated accuracy of the analysis is achieved through regular automatic calibration using integrated source of microflow of ethyl mercaptan.


Analysis results are stored in the internal non-volatile memory device and displayed on the integrated LCD display and can be transmitted to remote PC or an automated control system using the RS485 / RS232 interface, 4-20 mA, Ethernet, wireless connections.

Easy installation

Compact explosion proof enclosure of the analyzer can be easily mounted directly on the pipe after odorization system at GDS, without requiring additional heating or placing in the block box.

Low life cast

The device does not require regular maintenance, no additional gases are required, has low power consumption and can operate in a wide temperature range: -40 to + 50 ° C


Analyzed components

H2S and Mercaptains

Measuring range

from 0,2 to 600 ppm



Period of analysis, min

not more than 6 (till ethyl mercaptan)
not more than 19 (till butyl mercaptan)

Type of detector


Type of columns





12 (24), 220 V, 50 Hz

Power consumption

13 W

Size, mm


Weight, kg

not more than 10