Portable oxygen analyzer

The analyzer provides operational control of the oxygen concentration in the field, during commissioning of gas consumption pipelines, purging the main pipeline after repairs. Portable control of the oxygen content in gas in heating, food, chemical and oil and gas industry. The analyzer can be used in the system of commercial accounting and monitoring of quality of gas at gas distribution stations and units.


Operating principle

The equipment uses electro-chemical detector, based on electrical The device uses an electrochemical detection principle based on the occurrence of an electric current flowing in the electrochemical reactions at the electrodes of the detector. Through the use of different electrolytes and electrodes selectivity for oxygen detection is attained.

Sample is blown through an electrochemical detector, wherein the electrical signal generated by an electrochemical reaction, whose value is proportional to the concentration of detecting component.


  • Ability to work in temperatures up to -40 ° C due to the thermostating sensor;
  • The degree of protection from external influences IP65;
  • Explosion proof enclosure is ib;
  • The possibility of charging from car or from the power network 220 В;
  • No need for sample preparation or additional gases;
  • Small size and weight;
  • Easy in use.




By calibration gas or oxygen generator

Period of analysis


Inlet pressure, atm

1 ±0,5

Sample gas flow, ml/min

200 – 1500


12 V DC

Power, W

17 during heating, 7 at operation

Operating period at -40 С

6 h

Explosion protection

1 Ex ib mb IIC T6 Gb

Cover protection degree


Size, LxWxH, мм


Weight, kg

not more 4,5

Life time, years

not less than 10