Process Gas Chromatograph MAG

Process gas chromatograph, developed by BACS group, intended to simplify and increase the speed, convenience and quality of determination of the physical and chemical properties of natural, liquefied, associated and other gases.

The use of high-tech solutions with MEMS-technology allows to achieve highly accurate results in chromatographic analysis, and significantly reduce operating costs by reducing the consumption of carrier gas.


Designed for in-line measurement of the component composition of natural gas and calculation values for the component composition variables of the calorific value, relative and absolute density compressibility factor and Wobbe index.

Options of analysis:

  • Component structure of natural gas and it’s thermophysical properties
  • The sulfur-containing compounds in the natural gas and liquefied petroleum gases
  • Component composition of LPG
  • Associated petroleum gas
  • The sulfur-containing compounds in the associated petroleum gas
  • Degassing gases(downhole gases)
  • The methanol in natural gas
  • Ethylene, propylene and other monomers
  • The permanent gases (synthesis gas, coke oven gas, etc.)
  • Sulfur-containing compounds in crude oil
  • Liquid hydrocarbons



The useage of chromatographic analysis modules on the basis of MEMS technology (Micro-Electro-Mechanical systems), including mikrodetektor, micro-injecting device and capillary column provides a small size solution with high speed of analysis, combined with high precision, low power and carrier gas consumption.

Backflash of С6+

In GC the backflash option is implemented, which allows to obtain the total peak of hexane and heavier hydrocarbons

Low cost of ownership and maintenance

Chromatograph unpretentious in operation, does not require regular maintenance during the recalibration interval. Low consumption of carrier gas allows to use just one helium cylinder V = 40 l for the entire year.

Complete autonomous operation

Chromatograph equipped with a built-in microcomputer with preinstalled software, and memory module that allows for the collection, processing and data storage without an external PC control. The device can be equipped with external sensors for pressure control in cylinders with a carrier gas and calibration gas mixture.

Simplicity and ease of use

Input and display of data are carried out by 12 “color display provided with a touch panel. Communication with a remote PC, telemetry system and peripherals may be carried out via RS485 / RS232, Ethernet, Wireless GSM-intrinsically safe interfaces.

Compact design

The device has a relatively small weight and size. The instrument has a built-in power supply 220 V.


Measured components (MAG):

hydrocarbons upto C9, CO2, N2+02

Measured components (MAG-S):

H2S, mercaptains

Detection level (MAG):

4 ppm

Detection level (MAG-S):

0,15 mg/m3


40 – 99,97%


0,001 – 15%


0,001 – 6,0%


0,001 – 4,0%


0,001 – 4,0%


0,001 – 2,0%


0,001 – 2,0%


0,0005 – 0,05%

Hexanes+ higher

0,0005 – 0,05%

Carbon dioxide

0,005 – 10,00%

Nitrogen + oxygen

0,005 – 15%

Protection against environmental influences


Explosion protection

1Ex d[ib]IIB+H2 T4

Thermostat mode

Isothermal +40 till +180°C

Detector type


Regulator of the carrier gas flow



365x310x465 mm

Ambient temperature

-10 … +50°C


12” led

Energy consumption

80 Vt


RS485, RS485 intrinsically safe, RS232, Ethernet, GSM/GPRS

Input voltage

220 V, 50 Hz


40 kg