Sampling systems

BACS produces sampling systems, used for extraction of gas probe out from the main pipeline and further dellivery it to GC and other analyzers.

  • For Natural gas
  • For free oil gas and gaseous products


Sampling system is designed for indirect extraction of gas samples from pipeline and further transportation it to block container with analytical equipment. Sampling system has different performance, depending on the environmental conditions, pressure and temperature of gas, size of pipeline and could be supplied togeather with reducer and heater.


  • sampling unit, mounted on gas pipeline at the sampling point
  • sampling cabinet, designed for mounting of the sampling container
  • sampling line from sampling unit to sampling cabinet


Length of sampling probe should be between 0.3 – 0.7D of main pipeline (D – internal diameter of pipeline). Diameter of sampling probe is 16mm for pipe with D=200-250mm and 21mm for pipes with diameter more than 300mm. For pipes with diameter less than 200 mm normally union G1/2” is used.