Automated gas distribution station

Automated gas distribution station

Automated gas distribution stations (AGDS) are designed to reduce the high-pressure natural (Associated petroleum) gas to the specified low pressure and maintaining it with the required accuracy for the delivery to the customer. Automated gas distribution station also performs the functions of filtration, heating, gas flow measurement and odorization before entering to human settlements, industrial plants and other consumers. Automated gas distribution station is reliable in operation and has necessary redundancy of main technological processes, modern automated control system of GDS.

Automated gas distribution station – a high-tech product that allows you to perform installation and commissioning work at the lowest cost and time efficiently during the replacement of outdated GDS and building new gas supply facilities.

Product line is constantly being upgraded through regular analysis of the comments and suggestions of experts from operating organizations. Modular construction of the automated gas distribution station allows to satisfy all customer’s requirements for configuration and design, as well as reduce the time of installation and commissioning works.


Automated gas distribution station “Samara” consists of flow switching units, gas purification, prevention of hydrate formation, reduction, flow measurement, gas odorization, gas consumption for internal needs, site preparation pulse (support) gas, as well as automatic control systems, power systems, communications systems and telemechanics, heating and ventilation, gas contamination control systems, grounding systems, and burglar and fire alarm systems.


High rate of prefabrication and compactness ensures easy transportation and commissioning. High technologies during production reduce production time and ensures compliance with European and Russian standards. The availability of qualified service centers provide maintenance throughout the life cycle.