Gas quality control system

Gas quality control system’s purpose is automatic commercial measurement of gas phisical-chemical parameters.

Quality control system (QCS)

QCS includes:

  • Block container for placing instruments, equipment, analyzers for control of quality parameters of gas;
  • Process gas GC MAG or PGC 90.50. GC provide analysis of natural gas as well as calculating the gas density at standard conditions, the specific heat of combustion and Wobbe index.
  • Dew point analyzer by moisture and hydrocarbons. Dual channel version of analyzer allows additionaly define traces of hydrogen sulfide in gas.
  • Analyzer of sulfur compounds on the basis of MAG-S GC and PGC 90.50-S with electro-chemical detector provides measurement of H2S and mercaptains in range of 00.1 till 100 000 ppmv
  • Densitometer Solatron
  • Life-support system, including lightning, heating, air-conditioning, fire alarm, ventilation. All equipment has certificates for explosion proof performance