Gas metering station

Gas metering station (GMS) is designed for continuous automatic measurement of gas flow, flowing through the measuring pipes, with simultaneous determination of the gas component composition and calorific value.

  • Design, manufacture, supply and commissioning of gas metering stations is one of our main fields of business

Block-modular GMS


  • Gas purification unit
  • Gas flow metering unit
  • Gas quality control system
  • Data processing unit
  • Automated operating place for operator
  • Pulse gas treatment system
  • Condensation collection system
  • Electrical power system
  • The system of fire alarm and gas control
  • Automatic control system
  • Communication and remote control system


GMS includes chromatographs MAG for on-line measurement of the natural gas component composition and calculations of calorific value, relative and absolute density, and compressibility factor Wobbe index.

All GMS technological equipment and measuring pipes supplied in the form of prefabricated blocks on frames. Depending on the GMS size, shape, climate, environment characteristics and distance from the master stations possible layout could be building, modular layout or placement of the shelter version of the station.