BACS makes designs for oil and gas facilities

GMS, Gas quality and quantity control units


Chemical-analitical laboratories

Design and development works

  • Development of project documentation in accordance with the requirements of local restrictions for the oil and gas industry.
  • Examination of the project documentation. Organization and support of expertise for industrial safety.
  • Development of the working documentation for technical re-equipment, repair, reconstruction and construction of oil and gas industry.
  • The development of three-dimensional models of objects.
  • Development of design documentation for the manufactured equipment.
  • The organization, management and implementation of the supervision over the construction of objects and facilities of oil and gas industry

Scope of designing operation

  • Pre-examination
  • Data provided by the customer and the work carried out by the customer
  • Materials of engineering research
  • Technical Report for engineering and geodetic surveys
  • Technical Report for engineering-geological surveys
  • Technical Report for engineering and environmental surveys
  • Technical Report for archaeological research
  • Registration of land documents

Stage P: Project documentation

  • Section 1 “Explanatory Note”
  • Section 2 “Scheme of planning organization of land”
  • Section 3 “Architectural Solutions”
  • Section 4 “The design and space-planning decisions”
  • Section 5 “Information about engineering equipment, about networks of technical maintenance, the list of engineering activities, maintenance of technological solutions”
  • Subsection “Power supply system”
  • Subsection “Water System”
  • Subsection “Sanitation system”
  • Subsection “Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, heating network”
  • Subsection “Network connection”
  • Subsection “Gas supply system”
  • Subsection “technological solutions”
  • Section 6 “Construction Management Project”
  • Chapter 7 “Project organization demolition or dismantling of capital construction”
  • Section 8 “List of environmental protection measures”
  • Section 9 “Fire Safety Measures”
  • Section 10, “Measures to ensure access for disabled”
  • Section 10 (1) “Measures to ensure compliance with the energy efficiency requirements of equipment and buildings and structures br metering devices for control of energy resources”
  • Section 11 “The estimation for the construction of capital construction”
  • Section 12 “Other documentation in the cases stipulated by federal laws”
  • Subsection “Protection of health and safety”
  • Subsection “List of measures for civil defense measures for the prevention of natural and man-made disasters”
  • Declaration of industrial safety of dangerous industrial objects
  • Other work on stage II
  • 3D draft project of placing equipment.
  • Development of summary specifications and customized questionnaires on the equipment to ensure holding of the tender procurement.
  • Explanatory note to section 4

Stage Р : Operating documentation

  • General explanatory note
  • General plan
  • Architectural solutions
  • Architectural solutions lower elevation. 0,000
  • Architectural solutions higher elevation. 0,000
  • Metal constructions
  • Metal detailed constructions
  • Power equipment
  • Electric lighting
  • Electricity
  • Domestic water supply and sewerage systems
  • Firefighting
  • External networks of water supply and sewage systems
  • HVAC
  • Heating energy metering unit
  • Thermal mechanical solutions for thermal networks
  • Technology of production
  • Fire safety
  • Automation of systems of heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Automation of extinguishing systems
  • Automatic fire alarm
  • Management System alert and evacuation of people in case of fire
  • Local area network and telephony
  • Automatic burglar alarm system and access control, video surveillance
  • Electro-hour system (exact time service), the system of collective reception of TV, wired radio system
  • Corrosion protection of buildings, structures
  • Corrosion protection of technological devices and pipelines